ICL Italia specializes in the management of maritime transport of various types of goods, including chemical products, fertilizers, minerals and other loose or packaged goods.

Here are some of the options available for sea transportation:

  • LCL (Less than Container Load): ICL Italia manages the transport of smaller loads that do not occupy the entire space of a container. This service allows customers to consolidate their goods with those of other customers within the same container, reducing shipping costs.
  • FCL (Full Container Load): ICL Italia provides transport services for full loads that require the exclusive use of an entire container. This service offers greater flexibility and speed in deliveries, as the container is dedicated exclusively to the customer’s load.
  • Special equipment: ICL Italia offers services for the transport of goods that require special equipment. These can include open top containers, flat racks, tanks and other customized solutions to meet specific cargo transportation needs, such as special dimensions, liquid cargo or large and heavy cargo.
Sea Fright
Sea Fright
Sea Fright

ICL Italia also offers transport services using open top containers. These containers are similar to standard containers, but are distinguished by having an opening roof, which allows you to load and unload large or bulky goods more easily. This feature is particularly useful when goods cannot be inserted or removed through the container’s standard doors. Open top containers allow you to load goods that may protrude above the internal height of the container, such as machinery, industrial equipment, metal structures or large materials. The sunroof offers greater flexibility and ease of access for loading and unloading such goods.

ICL Italia also offers transport services using flat rack containers. These containers are distinguished by being flat on the bottom and sides, without fixed walls. This feature allows you to transport goods of particular sizes or shapes that cannot be inserted into a standard container. Flat rack containers offer an ideal solution for transporting goods that cannot be placed inside a traditional container due to their size, irregular shape or need for easy access. For example, heavy machinery, industrial equipment, long or wide materials such as beams, steel coils or metal structures can be accommodated on a flat rack container without space or configuration issues.

ICL Italia also offers transport services in tank containers for liquid goods. Tank containersare specially designed and built for the safe and efficient transport of liquids, such as chemicals, oils, fuels and other industrial liquids. They are made of corrosion- and leak-resistant materials, equipped with valves and safety devices to manage flow and prevent spills.

ICL Italia offers RO/RO (Roll-on/Roll-off) services for the transport of vehicles or heavy machinery. The RO/RO service allows vehicles or heavy machinery to be directly loaded and unloaded onto the ship’s deck, where they can be driven on board and safely docked for transport. The RO/RO service is ideal for vehicles such as cars, trucks, trailers, buses and heavy machinery such as excavators, cranes, tractors, road rollers and more. ICL Italia collaborates with shipping companies specialized in RO/RO transport to guarantee reliable and safe transport of vehicles and heavy machinery. During RO/RO transport, goods are kept safe and protected from the elements through the use of dedicated facilities within the vessel.

ICL Italia, therefore, offers a wide range of sea services to satisfy the different transport needs of customers. Whether you need to transport standard cargo, oversized cargo, liquid cargo or vehicles, our ocean services can provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

By choosing our sea services, you can have the peace of mind of entrusting your goods to expert professionals who will ensure that your cargo is transported safely, efficiently and on time.