Logistics systems play a vital role in achieving a company’s business objectives, including the provision of world-class transportation services.

This is why ICL Italia aims to provide first-class transport services

Air Freight


ICL Italia provides air shipping services to meet the transport needs of its customers. Air transport plays a strategic and globally recognized role in the cargo logistics landscape.

Road Freight


ICL Italia offers overland freight transport services to satisfy all the specific needs of its customers. Land transport is an important delivery method that allows you to reach destinations both nationally and internationally.

Sea Freight


ICL Italia specializes in the management of maritime transport of various types of goods, including chemicals, fertilizers, minerals and other loose or packaged goods.



ICL Italia plays a fundamental role in the reception and verification of goods arriving in the warehouse. Once the goods are delivered, the ICL Italia team carries out a series of checks to ensure that they comply with the orders and specific requests.



Transport of packaged goods

ICL Italia offers packaged goods transport services, guaranteeing safety and efficiency in the delivery of products to final recipients.

The company manages the transport of packaged goods in various sectors and offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers.


Warehousing and storage

ICL Italia provides warehousing and storage services for customers’ goods. The company has modern and well-equipped warehouse facilities to manage the storage and custody of goods safely and efficiently.

ICL Italia receives goods from suppliers or customers at its warehouse facilities. During reception, goods are checked and inspected to ensure they conform to orders and required specifications. A quality check is carried out to detect any defects or damage.

ICL Italia offers customized warehousing and storage solutions, adapted to the specific needs of customers. Professional management of warehouse operations ensures the integrity and availability of goods, helping to meet customer needs quickly and reliably.

National road transport

ICL Italia provides national road transport services to meet the delivery needs of goods within the national territory. Road transportation is a convenient and flexible option that allows you to reach destinations across the country efficiently. ICL Italia plans the optimal route for the transport of goods, considering the distance, road conditions, traffic and other variables. The goal is to ensure timely and safe delivery.

ICL Italia is committed to providing high quality national road transport, guaranteeing safety, efficiency and timeliness in the delivery of goods throughout the national territory.

Shipping services

ICL Italia provides shipping services to facilitate the efficient and reliable transfer of goods from warehouses to final recipients. ICL Italia provides a wide range of shipping services to cover the different needs of customers in terms of efficient transfer of goods.

Through accurate and professional management of shipments, the company guarantees the timely and safe delivery of goods, contributing to the success of its customers.