ICL Italia offers overland freight transport services to satisfy all the specific needs of its customers. Land transport is an important delivery method that allows you to reach destinations both nationally and internationally.

Road freight transport refers to any movement of goods between a place of loading and a place of unloading, which occurs using road vehicles specifically intended for the transport of goods. This mode of transportation involves the use of public roads to transfer goods from one point to another.

Through the transport of goods by land, ICL Italia can manage shipments of different sizes and types of goods. This includes the transport of full loads (FTL – Full Truck Load) and partial loads (LTL – Less than Truck Load), as well as the transport of temperature-controlled goods or cargo special.

ICL Italia also deals with the transport of temperature-controlled goods, ensuring that temperature-sensitive goods, such as food or pharmaceutical products, are kept at standard conditions during transport. This includes the use of refrigerated vehicles or temperature control systems.

ICL Italia is able to manage the transport of special goods, such as dangerous goods or goods of exceptional dimensions or weight. These shipments require specific skills and equipment to ensure that the goods are transported in compliance with applicable regulations and restrictions.

Road Fright
Road Fright

ICL Italia operates with a network of reliable and competent ground carriers, carefully selected to ensure efficient and timely delivery of goods. The choice of land carriers is based on criteria such as experience in the sector, the quality of the service offered and their ability to satisfy the specific needs of all customers. Collaboration with reliable ground carriers is essential to ensure a high-quality ground freight service. ICL Italia establishes long-standing relationships with carriers, carefully evaluating their skills and performance. This ensures that the selected carriers have the knowledge and experience necessary to face the challenges of freight transport, offering a very high quality service to ICL Italia customers.

Optimized route planning is a crucial part of the service offered by ICL Italia. The company considers factors such as distance, transit time, road restrictions and customer preferences to determine the most efficient routes for shipments. This helps reduce delivery times and optimize efficiency in the use of available resources.

Managing truck reservations is another important aspect of ground freight service. ICL Italia takes care of organizing truck reservations with selected carriers, ensuring the availability of suitable vehicles and synchronization with customer needs.

ICL Italia pays particular attention to the organization of loading and unloading operations, guaranteeing accurate and meticulous management. The company ensures that loading and unloading operations are planned efficiently, taking into account the specific requirements of the goods and the loading and unloading locations. This helps ensure safe and accurate handling of goods during transport.

ICL Italia is committed to providing a real-time ground shipment tracking service. This service allows customers to track their goods during the transportation process and get regular updates on the status of deliveries. Through advanced shipment tracking and monitoring systems, ICL Italia can collect real-time data on land shipments. This includes information such as the vehicle’s current location, estimated transit time and other relevant details.

ICL Italia maintains constant communication with customers, providing regular updates on the status of ongoing shipments. These updates may be provided via previously agreed communication channels, such as emails, phone calls or notifications via online platforms. This way, customers can track their goods and have a clear view of the transportation status. In the event of any problems or unforeseen events during transport, ICL Italia is able to intervene promptly and provide assistance to customers, thanks to the real-time information collected through shipment monitoring.

Finally, we must not forget that the safety of land shipments is a priority for ICL Italia. The company takes necessary measures to ensure the protection of goods during transport and complies with all applicable regulations and safety requirements. The company is committed to following local, national and international regulations relating to the safety of land shipments. This may include enforcing appropriate packaging rules and requirements, using tracking and safety devices, and adhering to safety protocols during loading and unloading operations.